The contemporary eyewear label PORT TANGER draws inspiration from the ancient city of Tangier, boasting a line of luxury frames that celebrate the Moroccan hub’s international influences. Each pair is carefully designed with the brand values in mind and ethically handcrafted using state–of–the–art acetates, the brand’s signature curved frames are universally complimentary. Offered in a variety of understated, elegant silhouettes, each design poetically reflects the brand’s North African heritage. Styles like the Mektoub, which derives its name from an Arabic philosophical term meaning “it is written,” act as wearable reminders to accept one’s destiny. Frames are commonly adorned with a signature six-point design: a symbolic gesture toward the past, through the pillars of nostalgia, tradition, and craftsmanship, and to the present, with the principles of hope, designs, and culture. With one eye on the past and the other on the present, Port Tanger seems destined for a sunny future.


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