Inspired by shibori, the age-old Japanese technique that consists of twisting and knotting fabric before dying it - the LV ESCALE Collection by Louis Vuitton splashes a tie-dye effect across the Monogram Giant pattern. Three colorways compose the summery wardrobe: a gradation of deep blues, reminiscent of the traditional indigo used in shibori, beachy pastels recalling pink sands and blue skies, and a deep pink and red variations inspired by traditional beetroot dyes.

Across a comprehensive collection of ready-to-wear, accessories, and shoes, the LV Escale collection also enlivens some of Vuitton’s most iconic leather goods models such as the Onthego, Neverfull, Keepall, Speedy, and NéoNoé. Just perfect for a laid-back summer’s day.

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