For Chanel’s spring 2021 RTW show, Chanel’s global creative makeup and color designer Lucia Pica created a halo-ed beauty look quite strong yet simple. 

Here, Pica gives insight into the new show makeup and her favorite product while creating the look.

 Her vision for the Chanel Beauty spring/summer 2021:

“For Virginie [Viard, creative director of Chanel], it was all about a cinematic woman, so we wanted the girls to look exquisite. The makeup ended up being masculine-feminine. There was a minimalistic feeling, but there was also quite a glamorous touch to it. The girls looked done, finished, pristine and matte. The idea of ‘matte all over’ gave them an almost untouchable, starlet feel.”

 The fashion show makeup:

All the finishes are matte, like on the eyes, lips and skin. I concentrated the smoky grey-black only on the top—underneath, it was very clean and fresh. In a way, it had a sort of 1990s Winona Ryder feel to it.” On the face, I added a layer of Le Correcteur de Chanel and the powder compact foundation Ultra Le Teint as I really wanted the girl’s makeup finish to look very blurry, matte and pristine. On the eyes, I used two colors from Les 4 Ombres mixed together, a grey from Blurry Grey’s palette and a black eyeshadow from Modern Glamour, to create a smoky effect all over the lids with a matter finish.

I brushed up and defined brows with a pencil, Stylo Sourcils Waterprood and an eyebrow gel Le Gel Sourcils. I finished with black mascara Le Volume Révolution de Chanel Noir, but on the top lashes only. A pretty rose nude called Modern (from Chanel Beauty’s Rouge Allure Velvet Extrême lipsticks) went on the lips. And that’s the look!

Favorite product while creating the look: 

I particularly enjoyed using the compact foundation Ultra Le Teint, because it’s a creamy powdery foundation but it feels very tight, like a veil. I really loved using it because it gave me that matte blurry finish I was looking for.